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Merrylife®️ Weighted Blanket New Arrival

IMPROVED WEIGHTED BLANKET 2.0:Ceramic Beads are filling inside the blanket instead of Glass Beads, that is recycle material will protect the earth environment more better.

CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE:Choose the blanket that weighs about 7%-10% of your body weight, and choose the size cover one person without hanging over the edge of the bed.

TWO KINDS FABRIC COLOR BLOCK DESIGN:Warm flannel fabric and cooling microfiber fabric are made for the weighted blanket, a blanket can used for all the seasons.

CARE INSTRUCTION:Spot clean only; Do not bleach.


The Merrylife Weighted Blanket is the ideal sleep aid to help you fall asleep faster, remain asleep through the night, and awake fully rested. This weighted blanket utilizes Deep Touch Pressure Therapy (DTP) through the application of gentle, even pressure across your body. The results mimic the feeling of being held, or hugged, to reduce anxiety and improve mood. This increased sense of calm helps you to fall asleep easier and remain asleep through the night. The Merrylife Weighted Blanket features a plush top fabric and a cool microfiber underside to keep you comfortable. For the best results, you should select a weight that is 7% to 10% of your total body weight.

Isn’t it time that your blanket did more than keep you warm?